Society Introduction


Title, status, territorial scope, residence

  • The Czech Society of Sports Medicine (further referred to as Society) is a voluntary scientific nonpolitical organization associating doctors, university students and paramedics who are active in the branch of sports science or are involved or interested in sports health care.
  • The Society operates in the Czech Republic.
  • The residence of the Society is in Brno.


The Mission of the Society

The Society primarily

  • supports broad development of theoretical and practical knowledge in sports health care and sports science
  • to an established extent participates in medical research
  • organizes or cooperates on organization of various scientific events by which it endorses rapid implementation of latest domestic and foreign scientific results
  • participates in other forms of further training in the branch of sports science
  • in accordance with legal regulations participates in scientific activities of the Czech Medical Chamber
  • carries out an advisory function for the Czech Ministry of Health Care
  • participates in formation and implementation of medical and ethical principals, proposes legal regulations and various measures in sports health care
  • proposes modifications to the conception of sports science
  • submits proposals and scientific reports in practical matters of diagnostics, treatment, prevention, health education and professional ethics based on special characteristics of the branch
  • promotes and popularizes scientific medical knowledge among the population with the focus on promotion of proper physical activity
  • publishes a scientific journal
  • cooperates with medical societies of other branches in the CR and with medical societies and associations with the similar orientation from abroad

International activities

The Czech Society of Sports Medicine has been a member of FIMS (Fédération Internationale de Médecine Sportive) since its foundation in 1928. The Czech society TVL then belonged to the founders. The Czech Society of Sports Medicine has been a founder member of EFSM (European Federation of Sports Medicine) since 1997.


The Philosophy of Sports Medicine
Characteristics of the discipline
Definition, objectives

Sports medicine is a clinical discipline concerned with physical and sporting activities of humans in diagnostics, treatment and prevention. It is namely focused on:

A/ People who are ill or weakened during physical activities, and whose physical performance is limited by the disease.

  1. This aspect comprises namely: diagnostics, treatment and secondary prevention of cardiovascular, bronchopulmonary, endocrine, metabolic diseases, neurovegetative disorders, and injured motoric functions – together with other disciplines. Physical activities in these diseases are considered to be a secondary prevention and treatment.
  2. The assessment of physical abilities /sports, recreational, working, habitual/.
  3. An integral part of sports medicine as of a separate extended specialized discipline is stress functional diagnostics, i.e. clinical evaluation of tests using physical stress.
  4. The objectives of the discipline include an expert prescription of suitable physical activity as a part of a treatment, rehabilitation, and an everyday life. This part of the discipline and functional diagnostics constitute a main advisory assistance for other disciplines.
  5. Diagnostics of somatic development and its disorders
  6. Education of patients, optimizing of exercise schedule
  7. The discipline is further focused on diagnostics, treatment and secondary prevention of diseases resulting from improper exercises or from incorrect motoric behaviour.

B/ Healthy people

  1. Common people of all age groups – assessment of prerequisites for physical activities /recreational and sports/, prevention of diseases, examination and evaluation of physical development.
  2. Sportsmen involved in training and competitions – prevention of diseases possibly due to inadequate exercises /including fight against doping/, optimizing of training procedures /stress, recovery/ targeted on the improvement of sport performance.

Sphere of action

Sports medicine is an interdisciplinary branch. It cooperates with other medical disciplines – internal medicine, general medicine, paediatrics, adolescent medicine, surgery, orthopaedics, physiotherapy, cardiology, diabetology, oncology, preventive medicine, immunology, occupational therapy and others.

It utilizes the procedures of the above disciplines and runs advisory examinations for them.

An integrate part of the discipline is preventive, diagnostic, and medical care for people practising physical exercises and sports. For other disciplines it provides advisory service for ill and endangered people.


The official journal of the Czech Socienty of Sports Medicine
Medicina Sportiva Bohemica and Slovaca

Med Sport Boh Slov is a common journal for the Czech and Slovak Society of Sports Medicine published by Czech Society of Sports Medicine.

Original scientific articles are published in the journal as well as reviews, summaries, case reposrts, short announcements and various news about sports medicine.


The Chairman, Secretariat:

Martin Matoulek, M.D., Ph.D.
tel/fax: +420 224 942 423

The residence of the society:

Jílkova 167
615 00 Brno
tel/fax: +420 548 535 746